In this section you can find everything related to Boxing Helmets, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Light Contactto Training Helmets with pomuleras designed specifically for training and sparring. In Helmets we also have a Nose Bar and Grid Helmet for integral head protection. All our Helmets are approved for the Amater Competition by the Spanish Federation of Kick Boxing and Muay Thai.

  • Black Galaxy Training Helmet

    € 49,90

    Did you know that wearing a helmet reduces serious brain injuries? Manufactured with state-of-the-art materials, improving cheek, eyebrow and chin protection for safer sparring training. Specially designed for the hard training of Boxing, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing and MMA.
  • Reversible Helmet Homologated Competition Leather Muay Thai Boxing Kick Boxing K1

    € 63,90



The Helmets and their History

Formerly, at the beginning of boxing the clashes were carried out with bare hands. In some cultures, leather straps were used to protect hands and wrists, always leaving fingers free. Later the use of gloves began, however, the clashes that took place were that the fighter repeatedly hit the head of his opponent while he had to keep the defense only with his fists.

Therefore, little by little over the years, athletes began to wear head protection. In amateur boxing the use of helmet It is mandatory, unlike professional boxing, in which head guards are not allowed.

Most confrontations are so violent that trauma, fractures and even brain damage can easily be caused if the correct protective equipment is not used. It should be noted that specialists ensure that receiving repeated blows to the head repeatedly is excessively harmful to the central nervous system.

In turn, the use of helmet During training or beginner combats it offers safety and facial protection against cuts caused by blows. Yes the helmet It is not strong enough to prevent bruises against major impacts, it is able to cushion shocks. The boxing helmet It is open on the front of the face, at the same time completely surrounds the skull and has built-in protection for the cheekbones. Finally, it fits on the chin, helping it stay fixed against the skin and does not slip with the movements.

El boxing helmet It also protects the ears and, some more specialized, they come to protect the chin and nasal area thanks to a front bar, designed specifically for the latter. Added to this, it reduces the exposure of the face and skull against bad blows and this in turn generates more security in the individual, especially in beginners and children. 

Now, after knowing the importance of using helmet During training or fighting, you surely want to acquire one that suits your needs. Currently in the market there are numerous options in hulls, which vary between prices, materials and designs. Therefore, sometimes the choice of helmet ideal is not an easy task and you must take into account some final details before deciding on a specific one.

How to choose your helmet?

The first point to consider is the material. If you are not yet skilled in this subject, do not be surprised to find hulls that are made of synthetic materials, cardboard or battered leathers. Some do not have enough padding or have low density foam, which will cause you to change helmet Well, protection is not ideal. Logically this proportionally affects the durability of the helmet, so it is advisable to opt for hulls made with quality material to avoid ending up spending more money than necessary and, at the same time, ensure appropriate protection.

Buddha Fight Wear It is a brand specialized in distributing clothing, accessories and protective equipment for contact sports, which can be useful in the search for helmet ideal.

In the section of helmets, find hulls designed specifically for training and made with high quality leather, pvc or synthetic leather, which guarantees safety, resistance, durability and comfort. Within the different options you will find hulls with chin protection, hulls with nose bars, focused on the protection of nose, eyebrows and cheekbones; Y hulls of grid, for an integral protection of the head.

Another important point that cannot be ignored is the size of the boxing helmet. If he helmet It is too small and cannot be easily placed and will compress the head, which will end up destabilizing the boxer. On the other hand, if the helmet It is very large will slide with each movement and this will affect comfort and visibility. Buddha Fight Wear It also helps you in this task by offering you hulls of different sizes, including one size for adults, which will adapt to your needs.