Kick-Light-Point Shin Guards Fight

  • Tibia Black Shin Guards approved for competition Muay Thai Kick Boxing Full Contact Buddha

    € 24,95

    Competition approved shin guard. The warm black shin guard is used in Kick Boxing, Krav Maga, Full Contact and Martial Arts. It is approved for official FEK competitions. You can combine it with the booty Buddha for added protection. Free shipping 24H
  • Ankle boots Buddha Training

    € 29,90

    XS (35 to 38)
    S (38 to 40)
    M (40 to 42)
    L (42 to 44)
    XL (44 to 46)
    For the toughest Kick Boxing or Full Contact workouts, you can now enjoy the FEKM approved competition boots, made with a double layer of foam, they are essential for your workouts.
  • Shinny Muay Thai Kick Boxing Black Economic with Velcro

    € 29,90
    The black shin guard for Muay Thai MMA Kick Boxing with velcro is perfect for beginners. With triple velcro closure and foot grip, they make it a comfortable shin guard that fits perfectly.
  • MMA Pro Series Shinguards

    € 39,90