MMA gloves

In this section you can find everything related to MMA Gloves, available in Leather and Artificial Leather with a wide range of colors and sizes. Buddha It is well known within the world of MMA for its competitions and being pioneers in Europe developing specialized products in Mixed Martial Arts. Our MMA Gloves are constant designs and renovations, improving the most sensitive areas with double seams, using foam padding with a latex layer and a double velcro so that you can have a good grip on the wrist. If you have not yet tried any of our models, we invite you to enjoy them.
  • MMA gloves Buddha Amateur Competition Blacks Skin

    € 49,90
    € 39,90

    MMA gloves made of high quality leather, specially designed for MMA. New design for amateur fights, we have improved the glove in all its aspects. Double velcro for better grip on the wrist, new glove closure system to improve grip on opponents.