Gloves Colors Series. 33.90 Eur

Buddha Fight Wear presents the new line of Gloves Colors Series , We have renewed and innovated in design, quality, durability and being currently one of the cheapest Boxing Gloves on the market. Specially designed for the practice of Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA, K1, among other Contact Sports. Made of High Quality Artificial Leather, with reinforcements in sensitive areas, different layers of Foam Padding mixed with Latex and breathable areas, being perfect for daily training and beginners who want to start Contact Sports. Buddha He has worked on having a wide variety, where you can choose in colors and ounces. Models available according to stock: Top Gloves Fight, Colors Gloves, Fantasy Gloves, Deluxe Gloves.

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    Muay Thai Kick Boxing Colors Black Boxing Gloves


    10 oz
    12 oz
    14 oz
    16 oz
    Are you looking for Boxing Gloves in bold colors? Specially designed for the practice of Boxing, Muay Thai and Kick boxing, among other contact sports.
  • Muay Thai Kick Boxing Colors Pink Boxing Gloves


    10 oz
    12 oz
    14 oz
    Are you looking for some Pink Boxing Gloves? We start the season by presenting the New Colors Pink Boxing Gloves, with the new silhouette of the GS-3 series of Buddha, with an unbeatable value for money.


Can we help you choose your Training Gloves?

Skin, Synthetic Skin or Microfiber?

If you are a beginner We recommend the ranges of cheap gloves of Synthetic Leather or MicroFibra since to begin your workouts are perfect, cheaper and available many models and Ounces.

Recommended Models: Top Gloves Fight, Colors Gloves, Fantasy Gloves, Deluxe Gloves. They are gloves with a quality at an unbeatable price.

If you are looking for gloves for more frequent training and professional material We recommend Leather Gloves, you can see in our brand a very good range manufactured in the best factories in Thailand.

Recommended Models: Premium Gloves, Gloves Buddha Future Series or the Raja Boxing Gloves. They are made with the best materials with state-of-the-art interior fillings at spectacular prices.

Do you know your size in Ounces?

In Boxing Gloves the sizes are in Ounces (28,35 grams). In Buddha Sports we recommend you:

  • 4,6,8 Ounces for Children aged between 6 years to 12 years.

  • 10 Ounces intended for women and men not exceeding 50 kilos.

  • 12 Ounces, it is the most popular measure, we recommend the 12 Ounces to Women and Men not exceeding 70 Kilos, also to say that many professional wrestlers of low and high weights use it to hit Sacks, Paos or mittens.

  • 14 Ounces (-80 kilos) and 16 Ounces (-95 Kilos). Recommended gloves for hard workouts and moderate gloves.

  • 18 Ounces Fully indicated for Sparring.