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Meet the 5 best fighters in history

Daniel Sanchez Ayala |

It is especially difficult for those of us who love boxing to label and classify best boxers in the history of this great sport. Dodging difficulties the team Buddha Sport gets wet creating a Complete list of the 5 best boxers in history.

5th MayWeather


Born in the United States as Flody Joy Sinclair, this American professional boxer has boxing in his blood because he is the son of Floy Mayeeather Sr. and nephew and ward of world champion Roger “Black Mamba” Mayweather.

Flody Joy Mayweather, Jr. has been world champion in five different categories, super feather, light, super light, welter and super welter. Its combat stands out for using a good technique, very refined, for a long time it was considered the best pound for pound according to The Ring.

Today still active fighting with the best professional boxers, to date remains an undefeated boxer, has won all his bouts.

Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr.

 4th Sugar Ray Leonard

Leonar American boxer

Leonard, mythical American boxer, was the first boxer to achieve world title in five different categories.

During his amateur career he was already beginning to stand out, winning many championships such as, the Gold Medal at the Olympic Games in Montreal in 1976 or the record of 0-145, 5 victories by KO

The last fight he played was in 1997 at the age of 40 and although he ended in defeat and being the farewell to his career, he showed his courage as a boxer. That same year he entered through the big door in the Boxing Hall of Fame.

His rivalry with Roberto Durán caused one of the best matches in history. In the first match together, Durán took him to his field and led the fight at all times. Leonard learned from his mistakes and 6 months later he won the rematch with Roberto who decided to retire due to stomach problems.

 3rd July Cesar Chávez

 Half a century of professional career in the boxing world was enough for Julio César Chávez González to win five world awards in three different categories. The boxer is considered the best fighter in Mexico, his native country, and it is not for less since he has awards such as WBC Superfeather in 1984 (World Boxing Council), WBA Lightweight (World Boxing Association) in 1987 , lightweight of the WBC in 1988, superlight of the FIB in 1990, superlight of the WBC 1991.

Some curious facts about the boxer and his carrera, Chávez is the boxer that accumulates the most fighting worldwide, he remained undefeated for more than 13 years, he is known for his knockouts, 86 fights won in KO of 115, such was the show that one of his nicknames was Mr. Knockout.

One of his legendary bouts was the victory against Meldrick Taylor, winning this match he retains the WBC super light title and wins the IBF super light title.

At 31 he began the decline of his career until he hung up his boxing gloves, leaving an impressive and glorious career with three different titles, and being one of the best pound for pound boxers.

 2nd Muhammad Ali

The heavyweight is undoubtedly and will be a world icon and not only in boxing since Muhammad Ali He has been a famous and glorious fighter, but also a influential in his generation and a benchmark in the fight against social and humanitarian inequalities.

Muhammad was born in the United States in 1942 under the name of Cassius Marcellus Clay, that is why at the beginning of his amateur career he was known as Cassius Clay. Already without being a professional he began to stand out, achieving in Rome the gold medal at the 1960 Olympics.

The three-time champion did and got what he wanted on a professional and private level, nicknamed by far as "The King" it is clear that this heavyweight has left his mark on world history and has been hated in his native country and acclaimed by half the world.

Ali used to say to himself "I am the greatest" and so he was, the king among the heavyweights, so we can see it in his best bouts:

Muhammad Ali vs. Karl Mildenberger

Muhammad Ali vs. Zora Folley

Muhammad Ali vs. Jimmy Ellis

Muhammad Ali vs. Chuck Wepner

Muhammad Ali vs. Brian London

Muhammad Ali vs. Sonny Linston II

Muhammad Ali Vs. Joe Fraser

 1st Roberto Duran

Also known as "Cholo" or "Stone Hands", Roberto Durán is considered the best boxer Latin America has ever given, and we place it in our number 1 also worldwide.

Durán, who started boxing almost rebounding, with the purpose of buying a house for his mother, has been Lightweight, Welterweight, Superwelterweight and Middleweight champion. Without a doubt, this Panamanian, original from El Chorrillo in Panama, is a champion of champions and this is demonstrated by the results obtained during his professional career.

Boxer Roberto Duran

Today his career continues to make history is an example for professional and amateur boxers around the world, among his achievements, proclaim himself as the first four-time champion of Latin America, 4-time world champion, ranked by ESPN as the sixth best boxer in the world , The Ring placed him in fifth place and the AP placed him as the best Lightweight of the s. XX. 

An outstanding the best 135-pound boxing has ever given, the only fighter he has fought in five different decades, he started fighting in the 60s and ended his career in 2001.

According to Durán himself in an interview for ESPN, the secret of his success lies in intelligence and not in brutality. 

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Boxer Chavez