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The Revolution: Boxing Gloves Buddha Future

Daniel Sanchez Ayala |

Gloves, in the world of boxing and contact sports in general, is a representation. It is a fundamental part of equipping any athlete who wants to dedicate themselves to this discipline. Each glove is different and these date back to longevity from Ancient Greece where boxers used to protect their knuckles with hymants, which were protections created by strips of cowhide; going through the Roman era where this became the "caestus", which was used by gladiators and had a metal attached to it in order to inflict more damage on the opponent, which would later be prohibited.

But… When were gloves as we know them today invented? Their origin is due to Jack Broughton, who created them during the 1830s and they were better known as "mufflers". Since then, the glove has gone through endless modifications and trial and error, thanks to which today we can present our new range Buddha Future. Which after a year of work and many experiments in our Department of Quality Control and Research and Development, throws us an innovation in the future of the world of boxing gloves: The Boxing Gloves Buddha Future.

The Boxing gloves Buddha Future they have in their design a new silhouette of the GS-3 Series of Buddha. Manufactured in MicroFiber and handcrafted with great precision, without leaving aside any detail so that the product looks impeccable. Thanks to its features, los Boxing gloves Buddha Future are the ideal for any boxer or athlete in the world of contact sports.

These gloves have an attractive, innovative design and the best features that can be offered today.

In addition, it has an aggressive design, more durable, comfortable and equipped with the cutting-edge technology in GS-3 Smart Paddings, specially made for athletes who want to dedicate all their effort and achieve high performance in boxing, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing or Mixed Martial Arts.

Currently, our sponsored fighters, thanks to their highly professional design and attractive to the eye, prefer to have the Boxing gloves Buddha Future  Since they meet all their demands and prevent practitioners discomforts such as bad odor after being used on too many occasions thanks to its internal anti-moisture lining and perforations in the palm of the glove.

As if that were not enough, they also prevent fabric wear due to its stitching reinforcement in certain parts, it provides more comfort to the hand and thumb since the glove has an ergonomic stitching and reduces injuries to the hand.


Boxing Gloves Features Buddha Future

  • They are made with Premium Microfiber.
  • With an impressive Future design with Hell Pad treatment.
  • They are made with triple density foam, a layer of Smart Latex, GS-3 Technology.
  • It comes with an internal lining with anti-humidity properties, to prevent sweat from complicating and disturbing the user.
  • It has a thumb sewn to the glove for added protection and to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Glove durability was improved by increasing thickness and reinforcing seams in the most sensitive parts.
  • The glove has strategically placed perforations to promote ventilation in the hand.
  • It has an integrated closure with Velcro Dual System wide, for a perfect and comfortable fit.
  • Embroidered label.

All these characteristics position the Boxing gloves Buddha Future as an ideal alternative for athletes looking to improve their performance in the disciplines in which they live.

It is worth noting that thanks to its unbeatable price, that Boxing gloves Buddha Future they are within everyone's reach. For their value for money, these accessories will be coveted by far.

Now that you know all the new features of the new Boxing gloves Buddha Future You can place your order to start using them right now. These gloves will be your best ally in every blow you give.