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Who Invented Boxing Gloves?

Daniel Sanchez Ayala |

The boxing gloves They have been among us in different presentations since the beginning of this sport, approximately 3000 years ago. In Ancient Greece, hands were wound with leather bands to protect them. There was no type of padding in these gloves, it all started very improvised.

Almost everyone will have thought that gloves were invented to protect people from being hit, but on the contrary, they emerged as safety method for small bones in the hand. When the filling began to appear, it was also to protect the person who gives the fist, not the one who receives it.

inventor of boxing

When boxing was taken by the Romans as a sport inherited from the Greeks, unfortunately it was becoming a life and death event among gladiators. They continued to use that technique of rolled leather straps, however they toughened them up and glued on metal and pointed materials. As a result, at that time many of those who fought ended up dead or seriously and permanently damaged.

This was brutal even for the Romans of the time, to the point that boxing became illegal in their cities and provinces in 30 BC. That disgust for that sport grew so much in the Roman Empire that the ban continued until Western civilization for 1500 more years.

When boxing appeared again to late 1600's, It was without any protection in the hands. However, it did not take long for the gloves to reappear and this time they did have padding. You could say that the inventor of modern boxing gloves was Jack Broughton, a British champion in this discipline from the 1700s, but this was not yet officially used in public tournaments, they were only used in street fights.

At the moment they started seeing deaths in unprotected fightsSomething urgent had to be done, but it took a long time for the gloves to be adopted. As a result of this refusal to introduce these instruments into fights, boxing created a very bad reputation that continues to this day, although today it is seen with a much lower frequency.

This whole scene of unprotected fighting started to end in 1866 when John Graham Chambers published the Rules of the Marquis of Queensbury in London. This regulation required the use of gloves. When the 20th century began, open-air fists would have disappeared at events witnessed by the public.

One of the last champions to be in fights without the use of gloves was John L Sullivan, who then attempted to compete under the Queensbury rules and lost his title in 1892 to "Gentleman Jim" Corbett, the first champion to wear gloves.


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