This is our story, Buddha Fight Wear

Hola! First of all, thank you for visiting us and wanting to know a little more about Buddha and our projects.

My name is Daniel Sánchez, CEO of Buddha Fight Wear. I wanted to write this first section of the web for the simple reason that you get to know me a little more and understand how this great story began.

Buddha started from scratch. I grew up in a very humble neighborhood in Girona. 

My father worked delivering with a van and my mother cleaning. From a very young age I liked Martial Arts and my parents with great determination could pay the monthly Taekwondo fees every month.

When I was 14 years old I started to practice Muay Thai in a Gym where many champions trained and the truth was that it really impressed me.

I trained with the material that I had thrown in the gym and dressed in the old shorts that other wrestlers no longer wanted and gave it to me.

When I was 16, it was my first fight in Amateur at a nightclub in Mataró (Barcelona), the truth is that one had to prepare very well, very strict diets to give weight and protections for training.

At that time the protections and all the materials were very expensive, and that thorn has been nailed for many years.

Buddha started from nothingBut he has come a long way, with a lot of work, tenacity and a real team of workers. It is an established brand and we are selling almost all over the world.

I am achieving my purpose, getting the best materials on the market, innovating every year and having really low prices with the quality we have.

Buddha He is currently sponsoring young people from all over Europe and the United States, and supporting many charities to help this beautiful Sport.

I hope that you know me a little more now and you may find yourself in the same situation that I was a few years ago, if you really love this sport and you cannot pay for training materials. When you finish your order write me an email to, with your order number and I'll be happy to help you and send you a gift.

I present our Company, Buddha Fight Wear

Buddha Fight Wear It is currently one of the most important brands in Europe in contact sports articles and Brazilian Jiujitsu, being the first national manufacturer of BJJ kimonos of its own and innovating with all sports materials. More than a brand ... a lifestyle.

Buddha was born from an innovative idea. The creation of a brand that differs from the rest for the best quality of its products with the best prices on the market. This ambitious goal has set the pace for Buddha since 2007.

We constantly research the real needs of wrestlers and professionals in the sector in order to adapt and manufacture our products in line with the evolution of the sport.

Our leading brand in the sector for its quality and price is already consolidated in Spain, Portugal, Brazil, France and the Netherlands. We are very proud of this national and international recognition and in the following month we will begin an ambitious expansion project throughout the rest of Europe, Latin America and the USA.


Products and Services

 We work every day so that athletes have the greatest accessibility to the widest range of contact sports products. Buddha Fight Wear offers all the equipment that any fighter of any discipline needs. The design of our products is paramount to us. Our unique and innovative proposals place us at the forefront of the market. Our design team creates innovative and original products, surprising competitors and sports professionals.

The great commitment that we acquire with those who trust Buddha Sports it becomes our main wealth. Thus, through championships and events we support those who are starting in sports and professionals of recognized prestige. We share experiences discovering the concerns of athletes.


Our brand stands out for its quality and durability. This objective is achieved by betting only on the best material from each origin location. From the best leathers to the highest grade fabrics.

Our own factories are located in those places where the raw material that makes up our products has the highest quality and the experience in its production is highest, Thailand, Taiwan and Pakistan.

Distribution and logistics

We have a large infrastructure, both at the manufacturing level and at the storage level. We ensure the constant supply of raw materials for the manufacture of products. Our inventory management allows us to ensure that the supply chain always provides our products when required, avoiding any break in stock and its consequent opportunity cost. Our keys are to offer a fast, personalized, quality and reliable service

To withdraw from your Buddha There are no barriers, we go as far as the passion for contact sports is found.

Thank you and without further ado, I say goodbye ...

See you soon!