Muay Thai MMA Boxing Grid Kick Boxing Krav Maga
Helmet Boxing Muay Thai MMA Kick Boxing Krav Maga - Buddha Fight Wear
Helmet Boxing Muay Thai MMA Kick Boxing Krav Maga - Buddha Fight Wear

Muay Thai MMA Boxing Grid Kick Boxing Krav Maga

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The red black fishnet helmet, can be used for Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, Kick Boxing K1, Krab Maga ...
Made of high quality leather, with an ABS plastic grill that you can use or disassemble.
It has adjustable velcro closure.
It is an ideal option for those who want to train without being hit by blows to the face.
Protect your eyes, nose, mouth and face.

  • Detachable ABS grille to use the helmet with or without it. This protector is perfect for fighters who want to take greater precautions. 
  • Helmet made of high quality leather. It offers greater resistance to scratches and deflects impacts to the head, without worrying about injuries.
  • Made with multiple layers of padding, which has various levels of hardness to adapt better to the face and give a better hold
  • Handmade in high quality leather. 
  • One size adult.

 Research and Development

For us, one of the important parts is the quality and development of the product. Buddha Two years ago, it started with a Research and Development team, analyzing all the articles, manufacturing with a quality already tested and tested at least six months before its sale. We are a brand for professional use and we are improving each and every one of our textiles, this reference being the result of months of work, giving quality and safety Buddha.

Guarantee and Security

Buddha It is made up of a very young group, with more than 12 years of experience, with a long history in the contact sports sector and working day by day to improve our products and be able to offer them at the best prices on the market. We are sponsors of more than 100 fighters and support Federations and Associations of Boxing, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, MMA and Brazilian Jiujitsu throughout Europe. Buddha guarantees all your shipments and the receipt of all your orders throughout Europe and the United States.


There is no Size Guide for this product?

Yes, you have a Size Guide available at the top, next to the price, otherwise, you can call us at 663140373 from 7am to 15pm or send an email to where our experts can advise you.

If I order my product today, will it arrive tomorrow?

We work very fast, since we have fully automated warehouses. If you place the order before 13pm, your order will be delivered the next day in Spain and Portugal Peninsula. If you place an order in the Balearic Islands or anywhere in Europe, your order will be delivered in approximately 3 days.