MMA pants Buddha Ice - Buddha Fight Wear MMA pants Buddha Ice - Buddha Fight Wear
MMA pants Buddha Ice - Buddha Fight Wear MMA pants Buddha Ice - Buddha Fight Wear
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MMA pants Buddha Ice

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New model !! Buddha presents its new MMA shorts made of Micro Fiber, making it a durable and highly resistant short. Enjoy its advantages; pockets and internal drawstring, velcro closure, etc. Although it was specially designed for grappling and MMA, its comfort and versatility have made this garment valid for a wide variety of sports.

Guarantee and Security

Buddha It is made up of a very young group, with more than 12 years of experience, with a long history in the contact sports sector and working day by day to improve our products and be able to offer them at the best prices on the market. We are sponsors of more than 100 fighters and support Federations and Associations of Boxing, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, MMA and Brazilian Jiujitsu throughout Europe. Buddha guarantees all your shipments and the receipt of all your orders throughout Europe and the United States.


Does this type of Cotton shrink with washes?

For all our garments we use pre-shrunk cotton, they are already treated at the factory so that they do not shrink.

There is no Size Guide for this product?

Yes, you have a Size Guide available at the top, next to the price, but you can call us at 663140373 from 7am to 15pm or send an email to where our experts can advise you.

If I order my product today, will it arrive tomorrow?

We work very fast, since we have fully automated warehouses. If you place the order before 13pm, your order will be delivered the next day in Spain and Portugal Peninsula. If you place an order in the Balearic Islands or anywhere in Europe, your order will be delivered in approximately 3 days.

If I am 1,80, I weigh 82 kgs and my size is 44. What size of MMA pants do I have?

Your size would be an L, anyway you can check our size guide that is a little higher next to the price.

Can MMA pants be used as swimsuits?

They are pants for MMA but it is true that many people use it for other contact sports, to do sports outside the gym and as a swimsuit.