Pear Skin
Pear Skin - Buddha Fight Wear Pear Skin - Buddha Fight Wear
Pear Skin - Buddha Fight Wear Pear Skin - Buddha Fight Wear

Pear Skin

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What you need for a perfect workout!

This new season we present you version 2.0 of Pera made of top quality leather. This type of pear is ideal for a dynamic and very entertaining training, especially for beginners, since they improve the launch of basic strokes and speed in their execution much faster.

  • Specially designed for Boxing, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing or any contact sport.
  • Made of High Quality Cowhide.
  • Special model for training at home or gyms
  • We improve durability by increasing the thickness of the leather and reinforcing seams in more sensitive parts.

What your Gym Needs!

Guarantee and Security

Buddha It is made up of a very young group, with more than 12 years of experience, with a long history in the contact sports sector and working day by day to improve our products and be able to offer them at the best prices on the market. We are sponsors of more than 100 fighters and support Federations and Associations of Boxing, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, MMA and Brazilian Jiujitsu throughout Europe. Buddha guarantees all your shipments and the receipt of all your orders throughout Europe and the United States.


How many days does it take for the punching bag to arrive at my house?

The Boxing Bags go in Special Transport, since their weight is high, the delivery time is usually between 3 to 7 working days.

How big are the punching bags in Buddha?

En Buddha We work with different sizes of bags, the longest we have are 1,80 meters, these are intended for boxing and kicking. We also have punching bags more for hitting the fist, elbows or knees depending on the modality you practice, with a measurement of 1,10 meters.

What maintenance does a punching bag have?

-It is important to know that all our fabrics need a little care for their durability.

-Dry with a clean and dry cloth after training.

-The Leather Punching Bags, every so often it is good to give it with a little special product for skins, it will increase its durability of use and prevent it from cracking.

-If the punching bag is recommended to have it inside we even recommend that it not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Does the punching bag include chains?

Yes, all of our Punching Bags come with fully prepared chains and a swivel bearing.