Wholesale Purchase Conditions in Buddha

 For a few days we have launched this new website www.buddhafightwear.com. That is why we wanted to make a short detailed explanation with videos so that you can see step by step how to buy and how to use the new discount codes.

How to buy in Buddha? In this video we explain it


We have changed the system so that wholesalers can make purchases much faster and using a discount code system. At the end of the order you will have to add your data and if you need an invoice for your cif or ID, and save data for future purchases. If you want the shipment at a different address than the billing address, it is important to add it so that the order can be sent to the desired address.

Once the account is opened we will assign the discount codes so that only you as a wholesaler can use them.

How to use discount codes?

You will have to make a purchase with the normal prices, stipulated for pvp sales, and at the end of the order you will be able to use a series of different codes depending on your purchase:

For Orders from 10 to 149 eur. Use Code DESCUENTO10 (10% will apply)

For Orders from 150 to 1.599 eur. Use Code MAYORISTA (35% will apply)

For Orders from 1.600 to 8.999 eur. Use Code TIENDA (40% will apply)

For Orders of more than 9.000 eur. Use Code DISTRIBUCIÓN (45% will apply)

Example: "you enter the web and start adding items to the basket, the total order is 150 euros and at the end of the order you have to use the Discount code MAYORISTA y it will automatically make 35% of the total order, your order being 97,5 eur ".

In this video you can see directly where to put the discount code.



Deliveries of orders:

  • Spain and Portugal (Peninsula) will be delivered within a period between 24h and 72h.
  • Deliveries of Orders in Europe will be delivered in 3 to 6 days
  • Spain (Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla) will be delivered within a period of 5 to 15 days
  • Heavy items like Punching Bags, Tatami or Pro Tech Future machines will be delivered in 5 to 6 days.

IMPORTANT: delivery times are approximate and considering working days (Monday to Friday). No deliveries are made on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. 

It is recommended to have a flexible delivery schedule and that at the destination address there is someone who can take care of the order.

Buddha Fight Wear will not assume any responsibility when delivery cannot be made due to the fact that the data provided is inaccurate, incomplete, due to the absence of the recipient or change of address when the carrier delivers the order. In these cases, if the package is returned to our warehouses, we will reserve it until you claim it. And when it does, you will have to pay an additional cost of 9,90 euros.


Shipping is Free for purchases over 10 euros in mainland Spain and Portugal. In the case of being less than 10 Eur, the cost will be 8,90 Eur.

For the Rest of Peninsular Europe shipments are Free for purchases over 49,90 euros, being less the order will cost 8,90 Eur.

For the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla the Shipments will have a price of 8,90 Eur. (Price for PVP customers) Wholesalers or Gyms will have to have their own transport, for more information contact by email at buddhaorders@gmail.com

For Special Shipments of Heavy Items outside Spain and Portugal (Peninsula), they include Full Boxing Bags, Tatami or Pro Tech Future hitting machines, the shipment will be priced at 98 Euros of Special Transport.

Payment Methods

Payment methods authorized by Buddha Fight Wear are:

-Wire transfer. We would provide the account numbers at the time of placing the order.

-Paypal. You can pay with Paypal one of the safest payment systems and with a great worldwide reputation

-Credit cards. This shutdown is the most recommended, you can pay with any credit card.

Size or item changes

Changes in size will cost 9,90 euros, as long as it is done following the return method through our Customer Service department. And as long as said item is available in our warehouse stock.

In the case of a voluntary return, 9,90 euros will be deducted for collection costs. Either in the first return or in the subsequent ones.

VERY IMPORTANT INFO: Changes of size or returns that are not from Spain or Portugal (Peninsula) the customer will take care of the transport for said change or return, being previously accepted by Customer Service of Buddha Fight Wear in the email buddhaorders@gmail.com